All Wildfire Volleyball Athletes Must Register With AAU.


Step 1: go to

Step 2:  Click on "Get a Membership"

Step 3:  Click on "Youth Athlete Membership"

Sport?  Volleyball

Coverage?  Regular

Term: Current membership expires on: (Date) - $14.00

Member of a Club?  Yes

Enter Wildfire 2021 Code: W3W965

Click find club - Wildfire Athletics will pop up.

Who are you registering?

Enter name, gender, date of birth, address, email, phone.

Terms and Conditions - Read & check the box.

Enter your name as the parent approving your daughter to play AAU Volleyball.


Step 4:  Click Continue

Final Step:

Check out where you will enter credit card information to pay the $14 fee.


Training athletes to compete and to fan into flame the gift of God, so they are able to play and live fearless with power, love, self-control, and boldly sharing their faith.